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7 Exercises You Can Do Right In Your Chair!

What do you normally do during your free time at work? For sure, you immediately head to the cafeteria to buy something to eat. If not, you have food hidden somewhere in your drawer. Doing this regularly must be enough reason for you to gain weight.

Instead of spending your breaktime eating, why don’t you do some exercises?

For sure, you are embarrassed getting caught doing exercises at work. During your break time, no one can see you as you are left alone in the office. This is the perfect time for you to exercise.

Besides, it is not like you are doing big fitness routines. You simply have to do exercises that can be done right in your chair. The point is to keep you moving. While working in the office, you spend a huge portion of your time sitting and facing your computer.

This does a lot of damage to your overall health in the long run. Breaking the cycle to have some fitness exercises in between helps a lot.

Once you are done with work, don’t forget to hit the gym. You don’t have to spend several hours if you are really busy. A few minutes each day would already suffice. The goal is to just be physically active.

The infographic below provides details on the types of exercises that can be done on your chair. Follow these tips to avoid gaining weight. Surprise your officemates by maintaining your figure when everyone else is gaining weight.

7 Exercises You Can Do Right In Your Chair!

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